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You have some vague idea that you "need" to be more digital and maybe people have tried to sell you on some fancy (read: expensive) solutions that promise the world but rarely deliver.

You've been diligent and creative building your business, but the information overload is real. It seems like every time you turn around there's some new tool or platform out there to consider, and it's exhausting to say the least.

Yet there are customers out there who need the unique products and services you offer. Now more than ever, many industries are primed for digital disruption. You have the opportunity to cultivate and capture those markets.

This video course is designed to give you an overview of digital business and marketing, and help you discover the tools and tactics that work for YOU and your business, not some prescribed idea of what you need. In the weekly modules, you will take a deep dive into the information and get hands-on practice, coaching and strategy.

Read on and check out the outline below for a look at what we'll be covering in the 6-week course.

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*Beta course runs January 9 through February 20, 2021.

Here's what you will discover...


Welcome and 101: What is digital business?

Why is it important? We will cover basic distinctions and definitions. You will understand the value in creating business models with digital technology, and how marketing can inform that practice. Together we will cut through buzzwords and uncover why it's less about digital and more about service.


your ideas


Your ideas and releasing attachment

We will cover getting over perfectionism, fail fast, and to have a vision but no attachment to the outcome. You will practice how to test, iterate and pivot based on what works. Know yourself and your market. Knowledge is power; but... analysis paralysis keeps you stuck. Just take action and refine as you go along!



Know your market

Define your ideal market and client, and how to research. Use data to your advantage and mine the web, customer and audience data. Understand total, serviceable and obtainable markets. Make a hypothesis about what resonates with people, and get into relationship with people. Go where the fish are.


inviting customers into your story


Brand story

Putting together your idea and your market, this week covers a framework for creating a story and inviting your customers into the experience. It covers your what, why and how. Every brand story, critically, has to align with the business model and what products and services are offered. Getting clear on this is key.




Social media is a powerful tool

And don't be afraid to use it. We will cover how each post serves a specific purpose from brand awareness, to storytelling, building your list and making offers. Don't get stuck on vanity metrics. Create clear calls to action that transform people's lives. Interact authentically to inform new product development.


web site


What to do with the website

What the heck is even the point of a website? In this week, we will uncover how to leverage your website and/or landing page. We will take a quick overview of online scheduling and taking payments; selecting the tools that work for you. Remember that at any point you can revisit your web properties, which means you and your business are evolving. It's never one and done.


Plus, as part of the course you get:

  • 1:1 brainstorm session with your host
  • weekly office hours for all your Q&A
  • worksheets to get you practicing right away
  • bonus module on pivots + the evolving digital world

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Normal price: $1,250

Your price: $269 (for beta group)